“Our SMS surveys outperform email on almost every level…”

95.3% of people asked said they would respond to an SMS survey*

That’s hard to ignore when fewer customers than ever are engaging with long survey forms.

98% of SMS surveys are opened

That’s compared to just 21% open rates for email campaigns**

4.5 times better click through rate

Put a link at the end of your survey, and your much more likely to get a click than with email.

“SurveyMill was all very simple and the interface is incredibly easy to use”

Fast results

SMS surveys are completed on average within 5 minutes and 13 seconds. So you won’t have to wait long for your answers to start rolling in!

Low cost

SurveyMill SMS surveys cost as little as 4p per contact. That’s considerably less than most traditional survey methods.

Great ROI

Text messaging is alive and well, with 45% of SMS campaigns generating a successful ROI.***

“We have been extremely impressed by SurveyMill’s product and the level of service”

*Ipsos MORI; **MailChimp; ***Smart Insights