Create and send surveys in minutes

Survey messages are sent straight to your UK contacts' mobile phones without delay

Receive instant feedback

Real-time detailed results mean that you can easily measure survey engagement

Popular question types

Cover all bases with yes/no, ratings and plain text responses

Upload contacts

Import csv or Excel customer data or manage contacts manually

Multiple questions

Ask up to 13 questions per survey – more than enough for most participants

Survey composer

Save drafts for review and copy surveys to repeat or quickly A/B test


See response statistics for every question, including top 10 words and drop outs


Clearly see who’s opted out so you can keep your lists up to date

Export results

Download all responses in Excel for further analysis


Get an optional dedicated shortcode when you move to a credit account

Auto top up

Never run out of credit during a live survey

Share credit

Share your top up balance with your Textburst and Clockwork logins

Pay as you go pricing

Just 4p per question with volume discounts available and no long term contract

Pricing and options

Developer API

Send surveys to one contact at a time from your own app or system with our API

API documentation