What is SurveyMill?

SurveyMill is a text survey application. Send SMS surveys to individuals, to groups uploaded from Excel or automatically by using our API. View an in depth analysis of your responses in the results page or download these into a CSV file.

We encourage you to sign up for free and try it out for yourself.

Why use SurveyMill?

A great advantage of SurveyMill is that you can send SMS surveys to all of your customers or staff in a matter of seconds. You can get real-time feedback on delivery and can start seeing responses to your survey instantly. You can upload and manage your contact database, send a welcome message from a company name, view live graphs from responses and pull off CSV results in more detail.

How much does one survey cost?

You only pay for what you send. Each text message you send will cost 4p. Sending a 3 question survey to 5 people? You’ll spend a maximum of 60p and only if everyone replies to every question. If nobody replies after the first question, you’ve only spent 20p. This means your spending is concentrated on people that are engaged with your surveys, and those that aren’t take up the least amount of your budget.

What payment methods can I use?

Many customers log into our system and make purchases by credit/debit card or PayPal. If you’re spending over £100 per month you can change to an invoice account which means you’ll be invoiced monthly for all texts sent during the previous month. To apply for a credit account, please complete our credit application form and email it back to us.

If you’d prefer to pay by direct debit, please request a direct debit mandate and send the completed form back to us.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes. If you’re sending over 1,000 texts per month, get in touch and we’ll provide you with a quote.

How many characters can I send in a single message?

You can send up to 160 characters per message.

How many messages can I send in a survey?

You can send up to 13 messages per survey. You will be asked to select a message type per question and that could be ‘Instruction (with no response)’, ‘Yes or No’, ‘Rating 1 to 5’ or ‘Plain Text’. Using these options allows SurveyMill’s clever reporting to understand the responses you receive.

How quickly are my surveys sent?

There’s no technical limit to the number of messages we can send. SurveyMill queues your messages and feeds them to the networks as quickly as they’ll take them. If you’re sending in excess of 40K messages per campaign these won’t hit the network for a couple of minutes. If you’re sending a survey of over 100K let us know and we’ll keep an eye on the send for you.

Can I send surveys worldwide?

Surveys can only be sent to UK numbers at the moment. If you’d like to be able to send surveys worldwide, please get in touch and let us know which countries you’re interested in.

How do my recipients know who the survey is from?

If you set the first message as an instruction (not expecting a response from your contact), you can set an optional ‘sending from’ name for that first message. This could be your company name, ensuring your customers immediately know it’s you. For more information, visit our blog post covering message types and from fields.

Can I choose the number my surveys are sent from?

Your surveys will always be sent from the same standard rate UK mobile number. This is free to use and is the default ‘from’ address used to allow replies to be routed to your account. Replies to this UK mobile number will usually be free, as texts are included in most UK mobile bundles. If they don’t have a text bundle included in their contract, your recipients may be charged around 10p to reply. If you’d prefer to purchase a ‘Free to Text’ shortcode to avoid any unwanted charges to those who use pay-as-you-go handsets get in touch for pricing and more details.

How do I get my account verified?

Verified accounts on SurveyMill have some extra features, such as custom ‘from’ names for the first message and web links in your introduction or call to action.

To verify your account, simply get in touch with our support team.

Can I upload my existing contacts?

You can upload existing contacts from an Excel or CSV file. Our blog shows you how to format numbers for upload to SurveyMill. Once your file is formatted correctly, you can drag in directly into the ‘Sending to’ box which you can see when creating a new survey.

How can I view my survey results?

All of your started surveys will show under ‘Started’ or ‘Ended’ depending on their status. If you click into your survey once your survey has a few responses, you’ll see the results page has started to take form. It’ll show trends and patterns in your results with our clever graphs and diagrams. We know the results are the most important part, so we’ve worked very hard to make sure it displays your results brilliantly and beautifully to shows you exactly what your customers are saying at first glance. You can also download the full results for more in-depth analysis.

Can I integrate my internal systems or application?

Yes, absolutely. Our easy survey API has been created for developers wanting to integrate SurveyMill with their apps. View our API Documentation for help with getting started.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We take our data protection responsibilities very seriously. We never buy or sell data, we store everything in secure data centres and lock it behind industry standard firewalls. If you want the full details then please read our Privacy Policy.

Who runs SurveyMill?

SurveyMill is brought to you by Mediaburst a business based in Manchester UK.

We’ve been around for over 14 years, processing millions of text messages each month. Our customers range from tiny one man bands to massive multinationals.

We also run three other text messaging services:

Florence - a text message system for the NHS – Clockwork - a text message API for software developers. – Textburst – a simple online SMS service, used to send and receive text messages with ease

Our office address is: Studio 18, 18 Hilton Street, Manchester. M1 1FR.

Is SurveyMill GDPR compliant?

We did lots of work ahead of GDPR coming into effect in May 2018 to ensure we were as GDPR compliant as possible. Here’s our GDPR blog post. Our long-standing commitment to looking after your data doesn’t stop there, of course – we continue to review and improve what we’re doing. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

I have a question you haven't answered

We’d be more than happy to answer it. Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.