Collecting and listening to customer feedback is a key part of your business being competitive and successful but how do you currently send your customer surveys? Businesses have so many options including email, phone and text surveys or even by displaying pop-up surveys within a website.

Having several communication and survey tools to choose from doesn’t have to mean you have a tough decision to make. Using different methods to communicate with your customers means you’ll reach more of them in a quicker timeframe. It also lets you experiment to find out how you get the best open, click through and response rates.

If you do a quick search through our blogs and guides, you’ll find brilliant statistics showing how great SMS click through rates, response rates and survey completion rates are. With almost 100% of text messages being opened on average in under 5 seconds, SMS and SMS surveys are a must in any customer journey.

Multiple communication channels can work together for brilliant results

Customers want to give feedback on their experience but they will all have different preferences when it comes to how they want to be contacted. When you use multiple channels to communicate with your customers, you expand the number of customers and contacts you’re going to reach and more importantly the ones you will hear back from.

Email and SMS can work really well together. Although email open rates are typically much lower than SMS open rates, email is a brilliant way to send lots of content to your customers and also to receive a lot of qualitative feedback in return.

Why include SMS surveys?

  • SMS is often the most effective and immediate way for businesses to contact their customers
  • Use SMS to improve response rates among low engagement customers
  • Reach your customers wherever they are and whatever they’re doing
  • All mobile phones can receive and send text messages, so reach all of your customers with your text survey rather than relying on smartphones and new technology
  • On average, 20-50% of SMS surveys are responded to, compared with just 10% of online surveys
  • SMS surveys are responded to on average, in under 5 minutes and 13 seconds

Start sending in minutes

Once you’ve created your survey, you can either upload your mobile numbers in bulk using Excel or you can trigger automated surveys at certain points during the customer journey using our SurveyMill API.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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We’re all having a little break over the holidays, but don’t fear, all of our products will be as busy as ever delivering your festive text messages.

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