We’re always giving you tips on how to send the most successful SMS surveys but how about the things you should avoid?

Here are the top 5 mistakes we’ve seen in the SMS surveying world.

1. Sending at awkward times

Sending your survey at a time that may disturb your customers will not only reduce the number of surveys completed, it may also irritate your customers and urge them to OPT OUT of future messages. You need to ensure your customer will see the survey and take action before it’s forgotten to get the most out of your marketing spend. No one wants to be woken up by a text message at 2am, especially if it’s expecting a response.

2. Sending very long surveys

Some surveys require more questions than others, however you should always try to keep it as short as possible to avoid a high dropout rate. SurveyMill allows for 13 questions, including an introduction and a closing message. Benchmark say, short surveys will result in higher and more accurate response rates. They suggest the length of your survey to be short enough that it takes 5 minutes or less to complete and this can usually be done with 10 or less questions. Survey Monkey also found their users send an average of ten questions per survey.

If you need more than 13 questions, we’d recommend sending multiple surveys to cover more than one topic and spread them out over a few weeks to avoid customers feeling bombarded.

3. Using TXT SPK

You’ve got 160 characters to play with but don’t be tempted to save space by using text speak. Make your questions short and to the point rather than adding a lot of detail and then having to compromise on your spelling.

4. Sending anonymously

SurveyMill gives you the option to send a ‘welcome’ message at the start of your survey. The welcome message will come from a word rather than a number which means customers can’t reply to it but it’s a great way to let the customer know who the text is from and what to expect from the survey.


5. Not allowing opt outs

Even the most brilliant SMS surveys won’t be welcomed by all customers and that’s OK. Let your customers opt out effortlessly to make sure you stay in their good books and also to be sure you’re only sending to customers who want to hear from you. Any customer who replies STOP will automatically opt out of the current survey. You can view who’s opted out of your survey by downloading your results and we would then recommend removing them from your contact lists to avoid sending to them in the future.

Try to avoid these 5 mistakes to increase customer engagement and the accuracy of your survey results.

For more on how you should send, check out our SMS Guides and download your industry or product guide.

We’re all guilty of looking at price first when comparing products and services but would you compromise the speed, reliability and security of your text messages and risk compromising your customer’s personal information to save a couple of pence?

SurveyMill is a great tool for sending SMS surveys and it’s developing all the time using the guidance and feedback from our customers. …

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