Do you always pass paper surveys around the coach back to the airport or ask customers to complete survey forms whilst they’re leaving your resort after a busy day? Do you send out bulk email surveys; with your fingers crossed you’ll get a few completed surveys back?

Surveys are a great way of collecting valuable data, which can help you improve the customer experience and increase new and returning custom.

However, did you know that fewer customer than ever are engaging with long survey forms? Well, that’s where SurveyMill comes in. Ipsos MORI found that 95.3% of people asked said they’d respond to an SMS survey.

22% of emails are opened and only 4.2% of those who open your email will click on a link to complete your survey. Send a short 5-question SMS survey straight to your customer’s mobile phone, which you can almost guarantee will be right by their side. Every single mobile phone has SMS functionality and a massive 98% of your SMS surveys will be opened, on average within 5 seconds. That’s a great start!

You’ll get a 4.5 times better click through rate compared with email. Plus, SMS surveys are completed on average within 5 minutes and 13 seconds so you won’t have to wait long until the answers start rolling in.

SurveyMill has been built to help you in your mission to provide excellent customer service and great products. Surveys can help you collect and analyze customer data, track performance, follow-up with customers, see where you’re doing well and more importantly where you could implement some improvements.

Once your survey has a few responses, the results page will start to take form. It’ll show trends and patterns in your results with our clever graphs and diagrams. We know the results are the most important part, so we’ve worked very hard to make sure it displays your results brilliantly and beautifully to shows you exactly what your customers are saying at first glance. You can also download the full results for more in-depth analysis.

It’s free to sign up, we offer free reporting (which is pretty great, as we’ve said) and it’s free to receive replies.

We’ll give you some free credit to test with, just let us know when you’ve signed up!

There’s not a thing to lose, just lots to gain.

Sign up today and as always, we’d love to hear from you with any questions you may have.

SurveyMill is taking off massively and we wanted to share a testimonial from one of our very happy customer’s. …

We’re live! …

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