If you love the sound of SMS surveys but you need your apps to automatically send the surveys out for you, then let us introduce you to our API.

SurveyMill’s API has been created for developer’s wanting to integrate SurveyMill with their apps.

Integrate with SurveyMill to automatically send out surveys post-event or appointment, after a phone call has taken place or once a delivery has been made. The possibilities are endless.

Once the initial set-up has taken place, sit back and watch whilst priceless feedback rolls in which will help you develop and grow as a business.

Our API documentation shows you exactly how to send a survey to contacts one at a time, programmatically.

Sign up for a free account here.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Happy surveying!

SurveyMill has been very popular with all sorts of industries, including healthcare organisations sending surveys to their patients. …

SurveyMill is taking off massively and we wanted to share a testimonial from one of our very happy customer’s. …

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