SurveyMill is a great tool for sending SMS surveys and it’s developing all the time using the guidance and feedback from our customers.

We started off allowing five questions per survey but we’ve recently had some customers requesting more. Friends and Family Test Questionnaires and Market Research surveys can often require more questions and we wanted to develop SurveyMill to allow for this.

Benchmark say, short surveys will result in higher and more accurate response rates. They suggest the length of your survey to be short enough that it takes 5 minutes or less to complete and this can usually be done with 10 or less questions.

Survey Monkey found their users send an average of ten questions per survey.

To allow for an introduction and a closing text message, we’ve increased the number of questions on SurveyMill to thirteen.

If you still need more questions, think about sending multiple surveys to cover more than one topic and spread them out over a few weeks. This will ensure customers aren’t bombarded and will result in higher response rates for you.

Take advantage of the latest SurveyMill update here.

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