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“Hi, I’m SurveyMill and I’m so excited to meet you! My creators have been extra busy tapping away and I’m finally here for you to start using! You can send SMS surveys to your customers and staff, either online or through my API”.

Whether you’ve been thinking of surveying your customers for a while or it’s never crossed your mind; here’s what SurveyMill can do for you…

It’s a simple to use survey app, which allows you to create up to five questions. You can send surveys to individual contacts or you can upload groups of contacts from Excel when sending to a larger group of people. When you start creating your survey, SurveyMill will ask you to select a message type for each question.

You will have the option of;

  • An instruction (with no response)
  • A Yes/No question
  • A Rating of 1-5
  • A plain text question

Using these options allows SurveyMill’s clever reporting to do its job. It will show you graphs, charts and in depth analysis of your results. You can even pull off all of the responses into a CSV, which you can then sieve through yourself.

To let recipients reply, each message will automatically be sent from a long number. However, you can enter a ‘from field’ for the first instruction to go out from so your customers immediately know it’s you.

First Question.png

So, that’s SurveyMill is a nutshell. As it’s a new product, there’s bound to be upcoming developments and improvements coming soon. Join our mailing list to stay in the know.

Why not give it a try? We’re sure you’ll love SurveyMill as much as we do!

We’re always open to suggestions, feedback and of course any questions you may have. So, get in touch!

Do you always pass paper surveys around the coach back to the airport or ask customers to complete survey forms whilst they’re leaving your resort after a busy day? Do you send out bulk email surveys; with your fingers crossed you’ll get a few completed surveys back? …

SurveyMill currently supports UK mobile numbers only. We are working on support for international numbers so please watch this space for updates. …

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