You now have more control over who can do what in SurveyMill with new user management tools.

Inviting new users

New admins can manage users, top up the account and use your shared card.

Invite an editor and choose which apps they can access – any combination of SurveyMill, Textburst and Clockwork. They’ll be able to sign up for and do everything in those apps, apart from manage users, top up and change company settings.

You can also now see invited users and delete their invitations if you change your mind.

Screenshot of SurveyMill's user settings overview table showing an admin, editor and invited user in the list
The new and improved Users settings overview page in SurveyMill

Changing permissions

You can change a user’s permissions at any time in the user settings view:

Screenshot of SurveyMill's user permissions view
The new and improved individual user’s permissions view in SurveyMill showing how you can now select which apps Editors can use.

Improved security

  • Improved visibility over who has access to SurveyMill and its API keys.
  • Non-admins can now only access the apps you select for them, giving you more control over who can do what.
  • As an admin, you can quickly disable any user if you need to – from any of the apps.

Available in all the apps

As well as SurveyMill, you can also see your users and invite new ones in Textburst and Clockwork. So if you already have team members working on different apps, you’ll now find it a lot easier to manage them.

See for yourself

You’ll find the improved Users page in the ‘Account and settings’ menu.

Log in to SurveyMill now to check out the new user management tools for yourself.

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We've updated SurveyMill to align us with new GDPR rules, including changes to our terms and conditions, privacy policy and data processing agreement.

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