Over the years we’ve heard some horror stories about people returning from abroad to extortionate mobile phone bills, which is why we’re glad to hear the EU are finally dropping roaming charges. Making calls, sending texts and using the internet will now cost the same in any country of the EU.

Texting and calling abroad has always been a problem and we often end up scrambling to find the nearest Wi-Fi to call home, research good restaurants in the area or contact our travel agent or holiday provider.

From June 17th 2017 charges will no longer be an issue so businesses helping us abroad can contact us as they would in the UK.

Travel agents often hand out paper forms for customers to complete on the coach either to or from the airport. Due to a mixture of excitement, tiredness, a lack of pens or guests being too busy looking at the scenery, travel agents are finding fewer than ever forms are being completed.

Using text surveys means your customers can complete the survey at any point throughout their holiday which means you’re more likely to get a higher response rate. You’ll also save time on manually entering results into your database. All of your results will go directly into the SurveyMill platform and will be displayed using graphs and diagrams for you to view. You can also download your results into Excel, which you can then directly upload into your system. Or even better, let our API do the work for you!

In my latest blog, ‘My experience of SurveyMill’, I wrote about how my response rates rocketed once I started using SMS surveys. 98% of text messages are read and with 95% of people saying they’d respond to an SMS survey you can guarantee you’ll receive more feedback than with your old paper forms or email surveys. There’s so much waiting around at the airport, if you time it just right you could be in for a 100% response rate.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, taxi firms and trip organisers can also benefit from these new laws coming in. They can send SMS surveys or use Textburst to send marketing messages or booking reminders.

How do I collect mobile numbers?

Collect mobile numbers through online or paper booking forms or give customers an incentive such as offering 10% off a trip if they provide you with their details.

Once you’ve collected some mobile numbers, you can send a bulk SMS survey out at the end of the day and watch the results roll in. Use your results to help you continuously improve your service and display the positive feedback on your website to encourage more bookings.

Sign up for free today and start sending SMS surveys in just a few easy steps.

SurveyMill is a great tool for sending SMS surveys and it’s developing all the time using the guidance and feedback from our customers. …

SurveyMill has been running for over a year and I’ve been so excited to run my own SMS survey for a while now. I wanted to see what it was like using SurveyMill to give feedback on my experience to the team but more importantly I wanted to find out what our customers thought about our products and how they felt we could improve them. I decided to conduct my first SMS survey covering our product, Textburst. …

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