SurveyMill has been very popular with all sorts of industries, including healthcare organisations sending surveys to their patients.

Ipsos MORI found that 95.3% of people asked said they’d respond to a text survey. SMS is one of the most popular ways for patients to complete surveys such as the Friends & Family Test.

Due to SurveyMill’s popularity within the healthcare and banking industry, we now have a free to text shortcode for you to use.

SurveyMill number

When you send a survey through SurveyMill, it will be sent from a standard rate, UK mobile number. You won’t be charged extra to use this number. Replies to your survey will be included in the participants contract if they have unlimited text messages or messages remaining in their bundle, otherwise they may be charged around 10p to reply.

Free to Text

To avoid any unwanted charges to those who may use pay-as-you-go mobile phones or who pay extra for their text messages, we now have a free-to-text shortcode you can use to conduct your surveys with.

The free to text shortcode comes at an extra cost, so please get in touch for pricing and for more details.

PS, Both options allow you to send your first instructional text message from a company name.

SurveyMill is proud to announce we are now officially a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier. All four Mediaburst products have been awarded a place on the Digital Marketplace as a Software as a Service (SAAS) provider.

If you love the sound of SMS surveys but you need your apps to automatically send the surveys out for you, then let us introduce you to our API. …

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