SurveyMill currently supports UK mobile numbers only. We are working on support for international numbers so please watch this space for updates.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to format mobile numbers in excel, ready to upload into SurveyMill.

To upload UK mobile numbers into SurveyMill we need to get them into full international format, like this: 447123456789.

Beware, Excel can be misleading:

The most important thing to be aware of is that Excel can be misleading with its number formats. You may think the number below looks like a perfect mobile number:

Leading Zero

But with Excel the leading zero often only exists in “text” format i.e. once you change the cell format to “number” (right click that cell and change to number format), you see what’s really hiding there, a number without a leading zero, as below:

No Leading Zero

If you upload from either version of the above file the result will be a list of numbers without a leading zero and starting with 7 (the international dialling code for Russia).

Add the International Dialling Code

  1. Using the concatenate formula in excel you can add 44 (the international dialling code for the UK) to the start of your number:


Dialling Code

  1. Once you have this formula working, copy it down through column B for your complete list of numbers.

  2. Next step is to copy the newly formatted numbers and do a “paste special” to “value only” to change them from the formula to true “numbers”.

  3. All you have to do now is delete column A and voila, you have a list of mobile numbers that are perfectly formatted and ready for uploading into SurveyMill.

Please note:

SurveyMill currently supports UK numbers only.

Customers replying to surveys will be charged at their standard text rate (usually included in UK bundles).

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