We’ve been hard at work improving SurveyMill in the background and you may not have seen much change in the app for a few weeks. Today, we’re pushing out some changes to the way SurveyMill works.

We’re changing the way we charge you for surveys. This is usually a prickly subject because things only ever seem to get more expensive these days, but we’re changing things to make billing more transparent and a bit easier to understand. In most cases your surveys will cost less and at worst, they’ll cost the same as they did.

How it used to work

If you signed up online before the change, and didn’t have an existing arrangement in place, we charged you 25p for each recipient on the survey, regardless of how many questions you sent. We took this amount when your survey started and if nobody replied, you spent the money and got nothing in return.

That’s not really ideal for experimenting with questionnaires or different demographics and if you get your survey questions wrong, it’s too late to do anything once you start it.

How it works now

So now, for every SMS message we send in a survey, we’ll bill you 5p for that message. Sending a 3 question survey to 5 people? You’ll spend a maximum of 75p - and only if everyone replies to every question. If nobody replies after the first question, you’ve only spent 25p.

Naturally, this means your spending is concentrated on people that are engaged with your surveys, and those that aren’t take up the least amount of your budget.

Having enough credit

Running out of credit is a situation we’re trying to avoid, as we’ve found quick follow up questions to be the best way of keeping someone engaged in a survey. In order to start a survey, you’ll need enough credit to cover all of your recipients replying and following the survey all the way through. Any leftover credit from people that didn’t reply you can use on other surveys, or on other Mediaburst products.

If you’ve got a Clockwork or Textburst account and you’re sharing credit with SurveyMill, then it’s possible to use up your credit while a survey is in progress. In the situation SurveyMill runs out of credit and can’t send any more messages, the survey will “Pause” once someone replies if there’s a follow up question. Once you top up you’ll get to choose which survey you want to resume (if any) and we’ll carry on where we left off.

If you’ve got a Credit Alarm set up in Clockwork or Textburst, then it’ll function even if SurveyMill is using up the credit and if you topup in time, surveys shouldn’t pause.

We’re introducing full card payment support and Credit Alarms next so you’ll be able to reduce the amount of Surveys that pause.

Special circumstances

If you’re joined us during the SurveyMill beta, or have a customised setup with us, then we’ve probably already spoken to you and moved you onto the new pricing structure - nothing will change with your billing, just SurveyMill will behave the same for everyone now.

If you’re new to SurveyMill, sign up here.

As always if you’ve got any questions, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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SurveyMill is proud to announce we are now officially a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier. All four Mediaburst products have been awarded a place on the Digital Marketplace as a Software as a Service (SAAS) provider.

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