SurveyMill is taking off massively and we wanted to share a testimonial from one of our very happy customer’s.

See what Zara has to say about SurveyMill:

“[Our] service sees approximately 1,500 new patients every month and we try and capture as many Friends and Family Test questionnaires as possible to help us identify the areas that we perform well in and what we can do to make the service better. We had been capturing this information largely on paper forms which are handed out by the clinician. This meant the data input of the information was time consuming and we found that mainly due to time constraints the clinicians were not always handing out the FFT cards.

We wanted the solution to be easy for the patients to engage with and decided that two way SMS messaging would be the best way to achieve this.

We approached Surveymill and they advised that we could easily set up questionnaires and API’s to automatically trigger the sending of the messages once the appointment has occurred. We could also export the data received back in to our data warehouse so that we could generate reports to analyse. The process of doing this was all very simple and the interface is incredibly easy to use and the support team are on hand to guide you through any questions or queries you may have. We have been extremely impressed by Surveymill’s product and level of service received. We are now looking at other areas of the business where two way SMS could be beneficial”.

To start seeing your own great results or for more details on how you can use SurveyMill, get in touch!

If you love the sound of SMS surveys but you need your apps to automatically send the surveys out for you, then let us introduce you to our API. …

Do you always pass paper surveys around the coach back to the airport or ask customers to complete survey forms whilst they’re leaving your resort after a busy day? Do you send out bulk email surveys; with your fingers crossed you’ll get a few completed surveys back? …

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