Black Friday is a perfect time to contact your customers and to push your brand and promotions to get results.

We want to share three ideas with you to help you get to know your customers, improve your services and products and record brilliant results you can share with your customers.

Get to know your customers

Before we can create targeted marketing, we need to get to know our customers. You might have hundreds or even thousands of numbers in your database but do you know who they are and what they’re interested in? You need to learn about them in order to send out the information they need to encourage a purchase.

Open your survey by letting your customers know you want to get to know them and you would like to start sending relevant information and deals directly to their mobile phone. You can then follow with your questions.

Have a think about what answers you’re looking for and then form your questions to find this information.

  • What products/services are your customers interested in?
  • What price range best suits them?
  • What first interested your customer to your brand?
  • Are they interested in promotions, informational updates or both?

Once you’ve run your survey, SurveyMill lets you download all of your responses into Excel. You can then filter your data to separate your contacts into different groups. This means you’ll never bombard your customers with deals and information they’re not interested in. You can send targeted promotions to each of your groups meaning the text message sparks their interest straight away as it should be just what they’re looking for!

Now you’ve got your targeted groups you’re ready to start sending SMS marketing. Textburst is the perfect tool for sending bulk text messaging straight from the website.

Improve your products and services

Businesses must look at continuously improving their service and the products they provide to stay competitive. Whether it’s your customer service, the speed of delivery or price, find out what you can do to improve customer satisfaction. Positive feedback is great but what SurveyMill can really help you recognise are those areas needing improvement.

96% of dissatisfied customers won’t complain to you but 91% of them will simply leave and never come back. If you send SMS surveys, these unhappy customers are more likely to let you know what you did wrong. SMS is quick and easy and there’s no telephone or face-to-face contact to cause embarrassment.

It costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, so it’s important businesses learn why some customers stop buying from them. This valuable feedback can be used to recognise and implement needed improvements and it can be used to prompt a conversation with unhappy customers and encourage them to stay.

Record your results

“100% of customers said we were their favourite SMS platform!”

Doesn’t that sound great? Add a question to your survey that you can report back on to prove customer satisfaction. You can then use this statistic on your website or across other marketing collateral.

98% of text messages are read, most of those within 5 seconds so you can collect your statistics quickly and reliably.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

We’re all having a little break over the holidays, but don’t fear, all of our products will be as busy as ever delivering your festive text messages.

We’re all guilty of looking at price first when comparing products and services but would you compromise the speed, reliability and security of your text messages and risk compromising your customer’s personal information to save a couple of pence?

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